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#1 Posted : Sunday, October 30, 2011 9:48:08 AM Quote
I recently had Scabies. I have no idea how I contracted them as I hadn't been in close contact with any new people or people that had developed it...But nonetheless, I got them. When at first I noticed these bites, it was the middle of summer and I assumed that they were mosquito bites. After a while, I realized that these bites were only getting worse, spreading, and didn't ever seem to go away on their own. I started thinking that it might possibly be scabies...even though I had no prior experience with scabies and really didn't have any idea what it was. But a friend of mine that I told thought that that was crazy and no way that it was I thought maybe I was being paranoid and kind of brushed-off that idea.

So after 6 wks or so I realized that this had to be something worse than mosquito bites. At first I thought that maybe I had somehow been infested with bedbugs and I began washing and bagging everything I owned, bought diatomaceous earth and threw around my room, house, bed, everywhere thinking I would be able to kill the bedbugs.

I realized that even when I did not sleep at home, though, I was still turning up with fresh, new bites. So I started doing a little more research. By this time I had bites all up and down my upper and lower arms--front and backside, my hands, fingers, especially in between the fingers, palms, elbows, knees, calves, shins, upper legs and thighs--front and back, crotch/groin area, buttocks, and slowly creeping up my back. Basically the only I didn't seem to have them was on my face and in my hair, which after much research, they often don't take to due to the high levels of acidity that exist there. I felt hopeless. I couldn't stop scratching. I began a regiment of scalding myself in the shower with near-boiling temperatures of water, scrubbing with lava soap or hard bristled cleaning brushes, using bleach and alcohol and blowdrying the chemicals on my skin, covering myself in witch hazel everyday and night...Anything to try and kill whatever it was and to make it stop.

Eventually I found a website that had photos of different kinds of bites from bugs and realized that, from the pictures, I probably did have scabies. Initially when I researched other photos of scabies, results mostly turned up bad, infected bites of scabies, instead of beginning stages or bites "pre-scratching". Initially, they look very similar to mosquito bites, but smaller. They tend to itch worse at night and also become more active when the body is warm (such as taking a warm shower). They are microscopic, so you cannot see them at all, but you will see the bites they leave. The bites are small and pink and are often in clusters, or "lines"...looking something like trackmarks, where they have burrowed through the skin. They emit some sort of excretion and that is what causes the "bites" and the itch. The only difference between them and mosquito bites is that they are slightly smaller, less raised; pus when squeezed; they have burrows or "trackmarks"; and they don't go away on their own.

After I finally realized that Scabies was the only thing that I could have possibly had, I went to an urgent care and asked for a prescription from a doctor for Permethrin 5 % . Permethrin is a drug that is also found in lice shampoo and treatment, however that is only available in a 1 % form to treat lice. And the lice treatment would not be strong enough as the permethrin cream 5% . He wrote me a prescription and also a refill 7 days later, in case I needed it. You're supposed to cover yourself head-to-toe in the permethrin 5 % cream and sleep in it overnight. Then when you wake up in the morning, you can wash it off in the shower, and you're supposed to be cured. All the while, you must wash your bedsheets every day and not wear the same clothes twice and be spraying all furniture and everything with alcohol. Scabies mites are not supposed to be able to live off the body for more than 36 hours, so I often slept in a different room of my house for a couple days if I wasn't going to have time to immediately wash the sheets and comforter. As far as spraying everything with alcohol, I went and bought the 91 % isopropyl alcohol you can buy at a big name grocery store. I also used Borax, which is an all-natural cleaning enhancer to my laundry detergent. I don't know if that made a huge difference, but it is fairly inexpensive and can be bought at most grocery stores as well in the cleaning/detergent section.

Now I had done the first permethrin treatment and I wasn't really seeing results like I hoped. However, permethrin is supposed to take up to two weeks before you see the results you desire. You aren't supposed to get any new bites after treatment, but you may still be itchy up to two weeks. Well, it appeared, but was kind of hard to tell, that I was getting new bites still. So I had to wait 7 days to get a 2nd refill prescription. I waited and then did the same treatment all over again. Same results, but as far as I could tell, no new bites. But again, I had so many and had them everywhere, so I didn't know what had already been there and what might have been new. So in addition to the permethrin, I began using a pumice stone. I would use the pumice stone to scour the bites and open them, then pouring the 91 % isopropyl alcohol into the open wounds, then rinsing with very hot water. This sounds very painful, and in a lot of ways it was, but the pain was pretty short-lived. I also bought a bar of tea tree oil soap from the local Sally's (which is a professional beauty product store for hairdressers, cosmetologists, etc that is open to the public). In my regiment post-permethrin cream, I would use a combination of taking a very hot shower (not scalding anymore, but as hot as I could stand it), scrubbing every part of my body with a pumice stone, pouring 91 % isopropyl alcohol into the open bites, rinsing with hot water, then lathering up with the tea tree oil body bar. Also making sure to spray the seats of my vehicle, couches, chairs, and bed down with the 91 % isopropyl alcohol everyday, preferably after every use.

And because scabies is spread through human contact, I avoided touching people at all costs and began being sure to wear clothes that covered me up in public...long pants, socks, close-toed shoes, long sleeve shirt to limit the chance that I could spread the itch mites to anyone else. Within a couple weeks of the last permethrin treatment I had done, I have no longer seen any sign of infestation. I thought that this experience was going to be very expensive, but in reality I spent very little.

Initially I bought a bottle of witch hazel for about 1$ from a local, chain grocery store--usually in the aisle with the isopropyl alcohol. The 91% isopropyl alcohol is also found for around 1$ at a chain or national grocery store. I bought several bottles of the alcohol...some to use to pour on myself in the shower, and some to use in a spray bottle to spray down all of my possibly infested belongings. The permethrin cream, with insurance, was about 3$ for the first tube and 7$ for the second. I believe without insurance, it retails around 35$ each tube, but remember, it's prescription only. The pumice stone you can buy for about a 1$ at most major grocery stores and the tea tree oil bar soap that I bought at Sally's beauty supply was around 3$.

Now remember, too, that I had a HORRIBLE case of scabies...where I had had it for months and months unknowingly because at first I mistook it for mosquito bites and secondly for bedbugs. In the initial stages of scabies when it hasn't spread very far, these things, especially the permethrin cream is really supposed to kill it after a single use in the beginning stages.

When I was looking for a cure, I read a lot of crazy things on the internet, but nothing very specific that I could understand how I was going to go about doing it myself. I hope that I have been specific enough in this. And I hope that you, too, like me, are able to get rid of these dang critters !!

scabies treatment

#2 Posted : Monday, October 31, 2011 5:30:35 AM Quote

I had a similar situation where the permethrin did not work and just made my skin more itchier, after further talks with my doctor he mentioned that it is a effective treatment if the scabies have been diagnosed immediately but if not they can be quite tricky to deal with and he suggest I use sulfur treatments. I used the Naturasil as suggested on this forum and within a week it totally dried the little buggers out. My doctor also mentioned that the permethrin and sulfur treatments are meant to dry your skin and almost always end up with exzema or dry skin which needs moisturizing.

Hope this helps!

#3 Posted : Thursday, January 19, 2012 1:44:50 PM Quote
How long do you have to keep your environmental clean (washing linen everyday, spraying everything, vacuum ecerything atc) in order not to get re-infestated?
I'm dealing with it now, in the treatment and wondering how long should i keep doing this.
#4 Posted : Thursday, January 19, 2012 5:31:13 PM Quote

Definetely a few weeks! I guess it depends also on how long you had them and how bad! Try using sulfur soaps it helps get rid of the post scabies itch quicker!
#5 Posted : Sunday, January 22, 2012 3:22:52 PM Quote
I have them only for 2 weeks, the itch anyway, I could've got it a bit longer, but the itch is 2 weeks, but they're pretty bad, both my legs were full of rash, Ivermectin really helps alot, and I did some bleach bath as well.
OK, thank you, will keep cleaning for the next 2 weeks or so !!:)
Wish me luck!!
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