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  • Off lately, bleach baths are being preferred as a treatment option by scabies sufferers all across the world. Sodium Hypochlorite, or better known as household bleach, is known to be effective in eliminating the underlying mites. As suggested by a few medical professionals, you can add one cup of household bleach per bath. It would be best to combine this bleach with mupirocin or nasal cream. On the other hand, you can also choose to use the public swimming pool for 30 minutes a day. However, since scabies is an infectious skin condition, you must avoid the public pools during active infestation.

    The agents contained in household bleach would polymerise within the skin. The mites have some sort of biofilm around them, which protects them against most medications. However, sodium hypochlorite is an ingredient which can actively break the biofilm and penetrate inside the barrier. Most swimming pools contain a chemical called chlorine dioxide, which is a form of an explosive gas. Such a gas is commonly prepared on the location and is not transported from one place to another.

    Chlorine dioxide has a great potential to penetrate into the spores and eliminate the protective shield. This would paralyse the mites and hence becomes easier to remove them. Such a gas is also used to decontaminate anthrax infested buildings. Foot bleach baths generally contain higher percentages of this gas, but it is proven to be extremely safe while coming into contact with the human body. However, it would be essential to approach your medical practitioner before trying such forms of treatment.

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    scabies treatment

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