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#1 Posted : Sunday, August 29, 2010 6:20:04 AM Quote

The symptoms of scabies take a few weeks to appear; hence the condition could be easily misdiagnosed. Most people do not approach a doctor as soon as they see the rash since they often consider it to be a minor infection such as heat rash. However, as soon as you notice some bumps on the surface of your skin, you must immediately approach your medical practitioner. For the most part, scabies would infest people with a weaker immune system. Therefore babies as well as elderly people are more prone to acquiring the condition.

Commonly, itching is one of the initial symptoms of scabies along with red bumps and rash. Depending on your immune system, the infestation would spread to the other regions of your body. Typically, the mites that cause scabies require a warm and moist environment to reproduce. So as soon as they get the favourable conditions, they would multiply in large numbers. In most severe forms of infection, there would be thousands of mites burrowed within the surface of skin. In such cases, the infestation would occur on the soles, scalp as well as the face. Hygienic conditions also play an important role in spreading the condition. These mites can easily spread from one human host to many others by coming into direct contact with the infected person. Therefore, it would be advisable for an affected individual to stay away from crowded places such as schools, hospitals or public places.

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scabies treatment

#2 Posted : Monday, July 02, 2012 3:21:35 PM Quote

The first few weeks of scabies the signs and symptoms are hard to tell but once scabies starts reproducing you will certainly see burrows in which they tunnel and rashes which show up in clusters or red dots that are very itchy.

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