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#1 Posted : Tuesday, May 11, 2010 7:43:53 AM Quote

Scabies is a skin condition that can cause a lot of frustrations. Constant itching can lead to sleepless nights. Furthermore, it is difficult to diagnose the condition since you would not come across the symptoms of the condition in the early weeks of infestation. It is very easily confused with the other skin conditions such as chicken fox, seborrhoea and eczema.

Boric acid is known to be one of the natural insecticides. It is available in the form of white powder and is proven to work effectively against eliminating ants, bugs, termites and cockroaches. It also happens to be a secret ingredient for some of the ant control medications in the market. But the question is whether it is safe for use amongst humans.

Therefore, people use borax, which contains boric acid but is not the same. Borax is some form of a natural mineral compound which can also be used as a cleaning agent. Borax would help you get rid of scabies in two ways. First of all, it would poison the mites as soon as they consume it. Secondly, it would also melt off the protective wax coating, which prevents the mites from drying up and is known to be responsible for their survival. Such a way, the mites would instantly dry out and die. However, appropriate care must be taken that borax is not supposed to be consumed internally. It has to be kept away from all kinds of food sources and it may perhaps cause irritation in the eyes or mucus membranes in some cases.

There are numerous different ways to kill scabies naturally instead of using dangerous chemicals such as permethrin. If your looking to kill your scabies with 3 items from your grocery store within 24 hours you should visit


scabies treatment

#2 Posted : Tuesday, March 12, 2013 4:32:40 PM Quote
Is boric acid a scabies treatment? What about using lemon I heard that mites hate citrus do you think this would work as a home remedy for scabies?
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