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The Difference Between Scabies and Bed Bugs Options · View
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  • Both can leave you with bites or rashes but the difference is very easy to tell apart. Both bed bugs and scabies are more active during the evening hours which makes them both nocturnal. The difference in the bites themselves is with scabies you will not notice any unless you have a microscope as the mites are too small, with bed bugs you will notice welt like bites that may both itch and hurt.

    Bed bugs are attracted to the carbon dioxide humans breath but will feed on your blood as this is how they survive and reproduce. Scabies infection typically do not even show signs until a week or two later when the skin starts becoming allergic to the scabies mites, scabies fecal matter and scabies activity underneath the skin.

    Signs of Bed Bugs

    -Red/Brownish fecal matter markings on furniture or fabric items

    -Bed bugs can smell and leave your home smelling

    -Bed bug bites on open areas of skin. Usually noticed in the morning

    -Bed bug exoskeletons and eggs in bedding

    -Bites appear swollen like lumps

    Signs of Scabies

    -Itching which is increased during the night

    -Scratch marks that happen during the night

    -Loss of sleep

    -Rashes which show up in clusters of pin prick red dots

    -Flaky scaly dry skin in areas of the infection

    -Burrow tunnels scabies leave when they move

    -Brown marks which are scabies fecal matter

    Those are some signs that should help you further determine whether you are dealing with a bed bug infestation or scabies infection. The reality is it is very easy to determine which one of the two you have but in lots of cases people often deal with both bed bugs and scabies due to living condition, this is especially more true in overcrowded inner city areas.

    The easiest way to kill Bed Bugs and Scabies is to use the proper treatments that actually work, to get rid of your bed bugs visit and if you think you have scabies you can visit

    scabies treatment

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