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#1 Posted : Thursday, July 09, 2009 4:40:11 PM Quote

I wanted to know more about the msm pills. Do they kill scabies or just kinda help fighting them internally while you have scabies. I read somehwere that they contain a form of sulfur but are primarily used for joint releif. Anyways I have been using them lately on the chance they do contain sulfur and release some through my pores and hopefully detour the scabies. Anyonoe know ?


scabies treatment

#2 Posted : Sunday, September 06, 2009 4:06:18 PM Quote

I have read about this somewhere else also , that you can get a pill form of sulfur that is used to treat bone ailments or help with arthritus. I have heard of palm de sulfur for scabies and would like to know of a form of sulfur to ingest orally.

#3 Posted : Tuesday, September 22, 2009 6:39:44 AM Quote

I heard this stuff can work internally to help fight off parasites or atleast help your immune system recoop. I have also heard that Garlic and onlions are good to eat when you have scabies as they contain sulfur. Obviously garlic contains more sulfur then onions (about 4times more) but these are really good to be eating during scabies and during post scabies.

#4 Posted : Thursday, December 03, 2009 10:59:18 AM Quote

I have not even heard about this, I know msm pills are good for old people cause they help your bones and joints, but I have never heard anything about them curing scabies. Do they have sulfur in the pills? Does anyone have any experience with using these ?

#5 Posted : Sunday, December 13, 2009 5:55:42 PM Quote

I am intrested to see if any tests have been done with this Msm , if it contains like some kind of high percentage safe sulfur or something maybe it could be useful, but utnil I see results that msm pills cured scabies I will hold off...

#6 Posted : Monday, March 22, 2010 1:43:49 AM Quote

I am pretty sure that MSM pills have something to do with making your bones stronger, but you mite be correct about them having some form of sulfur in them, but I would double check because there are many forms of sulfur as it is some sort of compound.

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