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  • Using epsom salt baths in post scabies can help your skin recover from all the damage it has been through during your scabies infection and scabies treatment. Epsom salts can be bought at almost any drug store and they typically come in 2-4kg bags or containers. With epsom salts you want them to dissolve in your bath so you should use warm water with about 1 full cup of salts. The salts are great for helping your skin heal and can help aid in surfacing dead scabies mites and debris out of your skin which will stop the itching. The best time to take an epsom salt bath is during the evening hours because this is when scabies are typically most active and this will help you get a good nights sleep without itching.

    Epsom salts can be great both before and after scabies treatment but it should be noted that alone epsom salts can not cure scabies, though they do contain enough sulfates to potentially suffocate any mites near the out layer of skin. You should also be careful using epsom salts within a bath if you have breathing difficulties as they absorb oxygen and can make people have a shortness of breathe. The best way to kill scabies would be to use scabies sulfur cream and soaps in conjunction with epsom salt baths and daily moisturizing, this is the most effective way to completely kill both scabies and their eggs.

    When moisturizing the skin before and after scabies treatment you want to make sure that you are only lightly applying it so that you do not clog the pores and further preventing the healing process. You can use scabies sulfur soaps during your daily showers as they contain both exfoliants and sulfur which will both help you heal and prevent any further outbreaks of scabies.

    You can kill scabies from home, but you should kill them with something that is effective and quick instead of retreating and wasting months of your life. Visit for free scabies products, tips and tricks.

    scabies treatment

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