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Guest Posted: Monday, June 27, 2011 4:02:46 AM

If you have a steam cleaner sometimes it is just easier to give your furniture and carpeting a quick steam each morning, I did this and it seemed to work great! I guess it depends on what kind of carpeting you have because if it is thick shag they may be able to live in it longer, you could also use the Borax and a combination of steam cleaning to kill any scabies lurking in the flooring.

Guest Posted: Sunday, June 26, 2011 4:37:08 PM
Do NOT REMOVE THE BORAX EVERY DAY! Made that mistake--and it does not have time enough to actually kill the scabies lurking in the carpet OR upholstery.

First, vacuum the floor (or upholstery) thoroughly (preferably with a BAG vacuum). If using a hepa filter, you must remove and store it in a trash bag with Borax inside--or with some mothballs, or freeze it for 48 hours. If using a bag vacuum, you can tape the ends of the bag shut and reuse OR dispose of.
Second, sprinkle Borax VERY liberally all around the floor, upholstery, and into the baseboards. The best technique is to spread it by hand, as though spreading seed on a yard.
Third, use a broom/brush to brush the Borax into the carpet or upholstery until you cannot see the Borax anymore.
Fourth, do NOT vacuum it for AT LEAST 2 weeks! This gives the Borax time to actually kill any adults, larva, or eggs that are in the carpet. Remember, you are DROPPING scabies every time you walk across a room. There is NO WAY you can keep up with vacuuming to remove them all.
Fifth, after vacuuming, remove vacuum bag (or taping end shut to use again) or hepa filter, and treat as noted above.
Sixth, spread MORE Borax on the floor and upholstery--and do not remove for another 2 weeks.

It also helps to spread a layer of Borax between the box spring and mattress--and to deposit more Borax all around the bedroom, including under the bed and into crevices of baseboard.

IF you are using Borax/water in a spray solution, be warned that it CAN and WILL corrode metal items/key locks in an automobile or in your home. If using it in the car, spread cautiously on upholstery and carpet without touching metal items.

Carla Posted: Saturday, April 30, 2011 8:02:22 AM

Borax will work! You can also use a steam cleaner if you got one, they are pretty cheap nowadays you can get one for 99$ or less new. I would suggest a steam cleaner as you can steam clean all your carpeting, mattress, furniture or any fabrics. This is a great way to avoid being reinfested from scabies from your furniture!

I would also suggest placing things around your house into containers for a few weeks!
Guest Posted: Friday, March 04, 2011 3:39:25 PM

I think raid also has some kind of bug bombs that contain permethrin. I would suggest you leave your house for the day those as those things can be very toxic if inhaled. It is worth a try calling a local pharmacy though and seeing if they carry them. It is up to you if you want to disclose its for scabies or not.

Guest Posted: Sunday, December 19, 2010 12:24:14 PM

You can also try those raid bug bombs they sell, ofcourse I wouldnt bother using this if you have children or pets. Something to consider though if you are desperate and you think you keep getting reinfected witth scabies from your environment. I am pretty sure they still sell the ones with deet.

Guest Posted: Tuesday, December 07, 2010 9:02:46 PM

Yes borax is good for carpeting that may be thicker as scabies are typically waiting to find a host and most are found in carpeting as they are scratched off the infected person with scabies. Vaccumm alot also helps I find and put everything in containers.

Moris Posted: Tuesday, December 07, 2010 7:28:42 PM
Hello all...The Borax of the carpet is as necessary as its cleaning.. Without cleaning carpet is not looking good it is just like a simple and dirty bed sheet. So always be clean your carpet.. And same as Borax is also necessary.

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Guest Posted: Sunday, April 18, 2010 8:22:06 AM

where can you buy borax? Isnt it like a dry laundry detergent or something? Do scabies hate this stuff?

Guest Posted: Wednesday, January 20, 2010 11:10:43 AM

Scabies is a skin condition, widely prevalent across the world. There are as many as 300 million people suffering from scabies every year. It occurs at a higher rate amongst children and can spread from one person to another, since it happens to be infectious in disease. The infestation could be passed through direct skin contact.

Mites, who reside beneath the skin surface, are responsible for this disease and they lay eggs, multiplying in number at a faster pace. The female mites would lay eggs for about 5 weeks and newer mites would then lay further eggs. If untreated, scabies can easily spread to the other parts of the body. Personal hygiene is important to restrict the infestation of mites on the other parts of the body. The medications involve the use of insecticides and the irritation would continue to persist, even if the mites are killed. Their dead bodies, the eggs and their faecal matter would continue to cause allergic reactions in the body. It can take a lot of time, before the irritation disappears completely.

Such itching could be relived with the help of hydrocortisone creams, tea tree or eucalyptus oil, baking soda baths and oatmeal baths. In a few cases, the use of Lindane might cause adverse reactions. In order to stay away from the mites’ infestation, you can wash or bathe in peppermint, borax, enzyme cleaner or lice shampoos. Permethrin cream or Elimite is one of the popular medications for scabies, which reduces the burning or itching symptoms on the skin.

There are numerous different ways to kill scabies naturally instead of using dangerous chemicals such as permethrin. If your looking to kill your scabies with 3 items from your grocery store within 24 hours you should visit
Pam Posted: Friday, October 02, 2009 8:06:36 AM
I have never heard of borax, where can i buy this stuff? Is this just like some kind of dry laundry type powder? Let me know